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About Us

Top Commercial Listings was built in a customer focused fashion. We believe in an honest, straightforward approach to real estate. Since our inception, we have continually worked to deliver our clients with top tier spaces at fair rates.

1. Expansive Search

Top Commercial Listings was built in a customer focused fashion. We believe in an honest, straightforward approach to real estate. Since our inception, we have continually worked to deliver our clients with top tier spaces at fair rates.

2. Map Locations

We begin with a detailed, far reaching search to determine the best locations, buildings and features for our clientele. No stone left unturned, no corner left hidden.

3. Location Confirmation

We tour locations, review spaces, inquire further about what our clients care about most and focus in on that one place that fits just right.

4. Documentation & Signing

The leasing documents are reviewed, proofed and adapted to meet our client’s needs. All the ‘t’s are crossed and the ‘i’s dotted before our clients move in and get their business started.

Our Team

Aaron Gunn

Aaron became a commercial agent in 2016, bringing 12 years of management, sales, and service experience to assist his commercial real estate clients. In his prior roles, Aaron developed excellent listening and negotiating skills and gained an appreciation for the importance of details.

With a reputation in the industry for being honest and ethical, he’s a negotiator with a keen eye and a strong voice on behalf of his clients. Aaron specializes in the lease, sale, or purchase of a property whether industrial, office, investment or land. He is committed to providing unparalleled support to his clients in the form of sound judgment and imaginative marketing.

Aaron prides himself on playing top-tiered men’s soccer and is an avid mountain biker. Married with two children, Aaron and his family enjoy camping and adventure.

Carolyn Luhning, Marketing & Sales Assistant

Carolyn is a communications specialist who has been working professionally for over 18 years in the not-for-profit sector, as well as her own consulting business.

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With a BFA at the U of C and a subsequent certificate in Communications from MRC, Carolyn has a diverse set of skills and experiences that have allowed her to achieve a successful career helping individuals and organizations.

Carolyn is a fitness enthusiast and loves spending time with her family.

  • Aaron not only met our need for more square footage and easy access, but his market information and easy-going manner was key in securing a deal that was right for us. With this being our first “Leased” space we had lots of questions and concerns. Aaron took his time to explain the process and offer guidance on how to proceed. In the end we couldn’t have been happier with our final product and would recommend anybody to call Aaron for his take on where the market is heading.

    Dean Koeller Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation
  • After months of working back and forth we found a space that fit my budget, size and location. Aaron took initiative to contact specialized contractors for getting the space up to the requirement of the City of Calgary. In the end, we struck a deal that was fair for both parties. Aaron didn’t pressure me or persuade me to commit until I felt 100% confident. I was very happy with the outcome and would recommend Aaron to people looking for a commercial property

    Dave Abramenko iCustom Auto

Featured Listings

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Bay 2, 2520 23rd St. N.E.

2520 23rd St. N.E.

7110 Fairmount Drive SE

Why Us

Buying, selling, tenant representation We do it all. Get a professional negotiator on your side.

Scalable Resources

Can’t find what you are looking for? Expand your search by contacting a Top Commercial Listings agent to get a comprehensive search. Finding your perfect property could be one step away.

Personal Understanding

Do you have complex needs? Meeting in person is the best way to solve special requirements. We have great technology today but you can’t beat an in person meeting to really understand the problem in order to find a solution.

Strong Support

Top Commercial Listings specialize in Industrial, Flex, Warehouse, Raw Land, Investment, Retail, Medical. With over 131 Million square feet of industrial space mostly located in two regions of the city we know stuff

Determination & Drive

Its simple. Hard work pays off.

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”
― Thomas A. Edison

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We love bringing people together, helping businesses grow and making strong connections in the commercial real estate market! If you share our drive and a desire to grow your commercial real estate experience, make sure you get in touch with us. We are always looking to join forces with passionate, engaging people, grow our team and make the commercial real estate business in Calgary even better.

The Opportunity

If you have:

  • A strong drive to deliver first-class service and results
  • The need to put 110% of yourself into everything you do
  • A determination to be constantly learning and improving your knowledge base
  • Have a bit of a techno geek side
  • An honest streak

You’ll fit the Top Commercial Listings team like a glove!

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Aaron Gunn, Agent

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